up to 100m vert. or 300m horiz.

With more than 40 years of experience, ELKON, which exports its products to more than 100 countries in 6 continents, offers 2 different capacities for trailer concrete pumps to its customers in addition to the different types of concrete batching plants.

These pumps have been designed according to the most difficult conditions and heavy work. They are high performance pumps with diesel engine and S Valve System. 

Elkon Benefits & Advantages

Both ELKOPOMP S45 & ELKOPOMP S60 can deliver concrete up to 100 meters vertically or 300 meters horizontally.

Both models are equipped with axle and tires. Thus, it can be easily towed and transported to required points. Moreover, the concrete delivery pipes can be easily assembled and become ready to deliver concrete.

The brand of the hydraulic control unit used in ELKON Trailer Type Concrete Pumps is BOSCH-REXROTH (Germany) and the system is an open-circuit hydraulic system.

ELKON Trailer Type Concrete Pumps are equipped with high quality and chrome coated concrete delivery cylinders.

The system can easily regulate itself with power regulation when it delivers the concrete to higher distance by means of hydraulic pump which has variable flow, power regulation and axial piston.

Stainless steel control board is completely protected against environmental conditions and provides longer life time to the system.

ELKON Trailer Type Concrete Pumps are equipped with LINCOLN (Germany) automatic lubrication system which provides automatic lubrication to required points of the system and evidently extends the system spare parts life time. Besides, ELKON Trailer Type Concrete Pumps are equipped with high-pressure water pump to clean itself at the end of delivery process of the concrete.

Capacity45 m3/h
Maximum Delivery Distance100 m (vertical) 300 m (horizontal)
Diameter of Delivery Piston180 mm
Stroke of Delivery Piston1000 mm
Diesel Engine Power85 kW
Concrete Delivery Pressure75 bar
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure320 bar
Concrete Valve SystemS Valve
Oil Tank240 l.
Fuel Tank65 l.
Diameter of Concrete Delivery Pipe5.5″
Dimensions5000 x 1800 x 2200 mm
Weight5750 kg

ELKON mechanical concrete distributor is located at the end of the concrete delivery pipe which is ideal for distributing concrete to wide areas. It can distribute concrete to any point within the specified area having 8 meters radius.

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