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Akhmat Tower” The splendid Chechen project will rise by 7 ELKON Concrete Plants

ELKON the Russian market leader in supplying  concrete batching plants for many years, is getting ready to make its mark on the giant Chechen project. Akhmat Tower which will be established in the Chechen capital Grozny stands out as the most pretentious project in the whole region. “Akhmat Tower”, is named after the first president of Chechen Republic, Akhmat Haji Kadyrov, who is the father of the existent Chechen Republic president Ramazan Haji Kadyrov.

When Akhmat Tower projet is completed, it will be the highest building in Europe with a height of 435 meter. It will consist of 100 floors and incorporate offices, apartments, a 5 star hotel, parking, a museum, and public spaces. It is modeled after the medieval military towers and since this huge building will be built in the earthquake zone, a very strict technical specifications must be fulfilled at every stage. This means that for single foundation basis,

• 72×72 meter wide area
• 3,5 meters height
• B75 class high strength concrete to be poured

The construction company undertaking the Project has to pour a 17.000 m³ of heavyweight concrete each 3 days. Being circumspect and aware of this project huge size and technical requirements, the construction company has opted for ELKON equipment that could come over these challenges. By taking into consideration that ELKON has installed and commissioned almost 1000 concrete batching plants in Russia, the high quality and durability of ELKON concrete batching plants which guarantee unimpeded accomplishment of the whole project without any delay, then choosing ELKON is a non-surprising decision. ELKON has been in Russia for 14 years and currently has 6 sales- office and 5 spare parts stores.

For this project, 2 units ELKOMIX-120 Quick Master and 3units ELKOMIX-135 Quick concrete batching plants will be delivered. The goal is to have a concrete batching plants fleet that can provide precise weighing of the chemical additives and can provide at least 250 m³ of high quality concrete per hour, as well as the mixer is durable enough for long batching time up to 120 seconds per batch. Each ordered batching plant is equipped by 4 cement silos. The aggregates will be transferred from the aggregates bin to the mixer in these batching plants by transfer conveyors. The Twin Shaft mixers of these concrete plants were manufactured by automated welding robots in ELKON factory. The mixers of the ELKOMIX-135 Quick concrete batching plants were equipped with special pallets to be used in the production of heavyweight concrete.

In addition to the 5 new batching plants ordered, MOBILE MASTER-60 Bear and MOBILE MASTER-60 Pegasus mobile concrete batching plants were purchased by the same company earlier, will also be used to accomplish the project.

Even if there is ups and downs in the economical relations between the two countries Turkey & Russia, ELKON still the concrete batching plant manufacturer who has the lion’s share in the Russian market based on the pubished data in late 2016, The most important elements that give ELKON leadership in this giant market include the high equipment quality, innovative designs and best after-sales service, in addition to the coordination and the proper decisions making together with OOO ELKON Russian representative, during these critical periods of time.

ELKON remains the most expert partner of feature projects which most appeals to regional conditions, not only in Russia, but also in the whole Commonwealth region (CIS).

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