10 m³/h

ELKON concrete reclaimer is used to seperate concrete into solid components and waste water and allows them to be reused.

Elkon Recycling Plant in Action

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Elkon Benefits & Advantages

  • ELKON Concrete Recycling Plants provide a cost saving advantage for its users by recycling concrete components as well as protecting the environment.
  • Since the Concrete Recycling Plant can be installed next to concrete batching plants, the cost of transporting the residual concrete to another site is completely eliminated.
  • The recycled aggregate generated from washing and decomposing of the residual concrete at the washing tank can be used again at a certain extent in concrete production.
  • Recycled water-cement mixture can be re-used for concrete production by using agitator which prevents the cement particles from sinking into the water. This provides significant savings during concrete production as well.

Nowadays, it has become an important requirement for ready mix concrete factories to minimize the environmental impact during concrete production. If the required precautions are not taken, the environment will be adversely affected by increasing concrete production.

The waste concrete released into the environment will solidify and the waste water will harm the environment and all living creatures by polluting the underground natural resources. Thanks to ELKON Concrete Recycling Plants which recycle a majority of the waste concrete to be reused, this problem is completely eliminated.

By using ELKON Concrete Recycling Plant, the waste concrete released from concrete pump and the truck mixer during washing as well as the concrete left at the truck mixer at the end of a production day can be recycled. Waste concrete can be separated as cement-rich water-cement mixture and coarse aggregate. Therefore these recycled materials can be reused to a certain extent in the next concrete productions.

ELKON Concrete Recycling Plant consists of a concrete discharge bin equipped with a shower system for washing waste concrete, a recycling unit separating coarse aggregates from the mixture and a pool where waste water discharges into. There is also an agitator which prevents the cement particles from sinking in the pool where the recycled water is stored.

The pool where waste water is stored can be made from concrete underground or optionally 20 m³ capacity on ground water tank can be supplied. Thus the system can be installed on the ground level without any underground foundation.

With optionally presented mobile concrete pump washing station, truck mixer and mobile concrete pump can be washed at the same time in ELKON Concrete Recycling Plant.

Capacity 10 m3/h
Maximum Aggregate Size 50 mm
Total Motor Power 20 kW
Control Voltage 24 V
Mobile Concrete Pump Washing Station Optional
On Ground Water Tank 20 m3 (Optional)

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