ELKON high speed concrete travelling bucket is designed to deliver the concrete in the fastest way to the application point in the precast production.

While the speed of normal concrete travelling buckets is 0,5 m/s, the speed of high-speed concrete travelling bucket is 2,5 m/s.

Concrete from concrete mixing plant should be transported to the production molds or machines very swiftly in concrete precast factories to prevent any segregation or hardening of concrete which effects quality of end product. ELKON high speed concrete travelling bucket, which transport concrete on shortest time ensures highest quality on end product and high efficiency and capacity as well.

Designed by ELKON engineers with support from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket provides high product quality, high speed and high productivity even in very large production facilities consisting of many halls. ELKON has been awarded the prize of high productivity in 2016 within the scope of “Productivity Project Awards” competition by the Ministry of Industry with High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket project. High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket provides flexibility for its users due to its ability to climb slopes (up to 18 °) and make radius rotation (up to R = 5 meters). Currently there are 2 different high speed concrete travelling bucket capacities in our product range of 1 m³ and 2 m³ vibrated concrete transport capacity. Exact bucket position details can be obtained with the laser tracking thanks to the special automation system developed for the high speed concrete travelling bucket. On the other hand, completely automated production (without operator intervention) is also possible due to optional automation system and communication modules which allow communication between concrete batching plant, production machine and high speed concrete travelling bucket/s.
Concrete travelling buckets are normally preferred for projects that require concrete transport at relatively short distances. They can be configured to transport concrete to one or more points. 0,5 m³, 1 m³ and 2 m³capacities are available. If it is required to transport two different concrete mixtures (base mix and surface mix) at the same time to the block making machines during production, double-compartment concrete travelling bucket can be chosen as well. Concrete travelling buckets can be designed to move on a rail as well as on a crane (gantry or girder).
Ground concrete buckets can be transferred by means of a crane to transport the concrete produced by concrete batching plant to concrete precast production machines and/or molds. ELKON has ground concrete buckets with capacities of 1 m³ and 2 m³ vibrated concrete and also offers the required movable platform for ground concrete bucket in its product range.

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