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High-Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket

The usage areas of the prefabricated concrete elements which are produced from high-quality concrete in the construction industry are increasing day by day.

Many precast products like concrete paving, concrete pipes, prefabricated elements (columns, beams, etc.), hollow concrete slabs panels, prefabricated walls, rail way sleepers, are produced in specially designed concrete production plants and transported to their application areas as being ready to use.

The type of concrete which is produced in precast concrete factories is different than standard ready mix concrete and this type of concrete is being produced in specially designed concrete batching plants.

To transfer this concrete to production molds or machines quickly by maintaining its specifications is other important matter as much as the concrete quality.

ELKON has designed a new system which is ‘’High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket’’ to meet all these requirements in precast concrete plants.

  • The speed of High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket is 2,5 meter/second. HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY and INCREASING PRODUCTION CAPACITY are achieved due the concrete which is delivered faster to production molds by High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket. With its original design it is the FIRST and UNIQUE product in our country and has superior advantages comparing to its equivalents in the world.
  • There could be height difference between production molds and stations in precast concrete factories. Therefore High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket can climb to the lines having 18° slope. High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket which can climb slope provides HIGH PRODUCTIVITY by transferring concrete on 1 line without needing any additional solutions.
  • High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket can easily curve the lines with a radius of 5 meters. There are at least 2 or 3 production halls in precast concrete factories for efficient production. The concrete travelling bucket which curves the lines with radius and passes through production halls makes its users feel more FLEXIBLE.
  • High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket provides LOWER INITIAL INVESTMENT COST comparing to its equivalent concrete travelling bucket systems due to its high speed, ability to climb slope and curve the lines with radius. The transportation process which could be done by 2 or 3 concrete travelling bucket lines can be easily done by only One High Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket System which has superior properties over its equivalents.

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