Quality Service

ELKON, which knows the importance of customer satisfaction, has highly skilled after-sale service team to assist all customers quickly and properly. ELKON succeed not only to supply highest quality, heavy duty and durable equipment to its customers worldwide from Canada to Australia, from Chile to South Africa; etc. , but also has succeeded to provide on time after sale support whenever it is needed by its expert engineers and supervisors.

Therefore, all ELKON clients have the confidence of having an advanced quality plant and knowing that they will get an outstanding after sale service from ELKON.

Today, ELKON provides fast and reliable after-sales service, thanks to its after-sales service network spread all over the world, to its customers even in remote regions.

Elkon After-Sale Service Principals

    • ELKON’s main goal is to provide customer satisfaction in any case.
    • ELKON stores all spare parts in big quantities for all its concrete batching plant models in its spare part depots. Guarantees minimum 10 years spare parts support to its customers and reduces the spare parts costs with its long-life wearing parts.
    • Providing quickest delivery of spare parts from its warehouses with the advantage of having all spares in its stocks.
    • ELKON’s logistics department provides fastest delivery solution for spare parts.
    • Making easy to request spare parts with the detailed spare part books including the photos and unique reference numbers of each spares.
    • Expert supervisors and engineers are always available to provide technical support whenever customer needs.
    • Required checking and adjustments to the automation system of concrete batching plant can be done by remote connection via internet. ELKON engineers can guide its customers to solve most of the issues by remote internet access.
    • Multi-language (Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic) technical support on phone is available.