110 m³/h

ELKON Stationary Concrete Batching Plants are being manufactured since 1980’s. ELKOMIX-120 stationary concrete batching plant from the series, depending on the application, can be equipped with 3000/2000 l. pan, planetary or twin shaft mixer. Moreover, it can also be manufactured without mixer for dry type concrete production.

ELKOMIX-120 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant which has 105 m³/h concrete production capacity is the product of ELKON’s high quality and advanced technology





Elkon Benefits & Advantages

  • Flexibility in the configuration
  • High production performance and high productivity
  • Easy installation due to its modular structure
  • Variable layout options
  • Wide operating and maintenance areas
  • Easy maintenance and low operating costs

ELKON stationary concrete batching plants are mostly preferred by companies which need slightly higher concrete production capacities and want to use the concrete batching plant for a long period of time in the same area to produce concrete in a comfortable way in wide areas thanks to the advantage of flexibility in the configuration and layouts.

ELKON, with more than 40 years of experience in the field, has designed and manufactured stationary concrete batching plants, which are also known as conventional type concrete batching plants, in an innovative and technological approach. In this respect, ELKON designed and manufactured the stationary concrete batching plant as modular as possible, therefore they can be transported easier and installed in a shorter period of time compared to similar concrete batching plants.

ELKOMIX-120 stationary concrete batching plant is equipped with aggregate holding hopper to hold the required materials at top of mixer after weighing for the next batch while the mixer is batching (available only in the transfer conveyor option). Thus, ELKOMIX-120 stationary concrete batching plant guarantees to its users the maximum production efficiency by saving from cycle time.

Depending on the requirement, aggregate storage bins can be produced with 3, 4, 5, 6 or even more compartments and thus different materials can be used as much as required. Moreover, depending on the installation area either transfer conveyor or skip bucket can be used for transferring aggregates to the mixer.

ELKON provides dry type concrete batching plant (transit mix concrete plant) option without mixer.  Moreover wet and dry concrete production in one concrete plant is also possible with additional dry concrete discharge line to the wet type concrete batching plant (central mix concrete plant). In this sense, ELKON provides flexibility and comfort to its users to meet various requirements of job site layouts & conditions and special projects, etc.

Whenever it is required, ELKON stationary concrete batching plants can be equipped with two mixers on the same structure thus the production capacity is doubled as well as 2 different concrete types can be produced at the same time.

ELKON fits the stationary concrete batching plants in the installation sites to provide maximum saving and productivity on the available space and if required specially designs stationary concrete batching plants depending on the jobsite layout.

Please contact us for the most appropriate concrete batching plant solution for your requirement.

Capacity100 – 110* m3/h
The Capacity of Aggregate Silo4×30 m3
The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh Hopper2×2500 kg / 5000 kg
Loading Type of Aggregate to the MixerSkip Hoist/Transfer Conveyor
Mixer Capacity3000 / 2000 l or 3375 / 2250* l
Mixer TypePan / Planetary / Twin Shaft*
Cement Weighing Capacity1300 kg
Water Weighing Capacity600 kg
Additive Weighing Capacity2×25 l
Control SystemSIEMENS or ABB
(PLC – PC)
Operator CabinetIncluded
Cement Screw Diameter (Ø)273 mm
Capacity131 – 144* yd3/h
The Capacity of Aggregate Silo4×39 yd3
The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh Hopper2×5511 lbs / 11023 lbs
Loading Type of Aggregate to the MixerSkip Hoist/Transfer Conveyor
Mixer Capacity4 / 2,6 yd3/h or 4,5 / 3* yd3/h
Mixer TypePan / Planetary / Twin Shaft
Cement Weighing Capacity2866 lbs
Water Weighing Capacity1323 lbs
Additive Weighing Capacity2×6.6 gal
Control SystemSIEMENS or ABB
(PLC – PC)
Operator CabinetIncluded 
Cement Screw Diameter (Ø)10 in

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