With almost 50 years of experience, technological production and innovative approach in concrete machinery, ELKON has designed a premium block making machine aiming for sustainable high quality and optimum performance in concrete block production.

ELKOBLOCK-25S block making machine can be used for pallets with or without legs. Its compact structure and modular design make the ELKOBLOCK-25S preferable in a wide range from economical solutions to a fully automatic robot system that can operate with maximum operator speed. Optimum operation is provided for production, stacking, additional processing and packaging according to the preferred method. 

ELKOBLOCK-25S concrete block making machine with use of certified high-grade steels in its production and four columns system with chrome-plated guides is designed to ensure the highest durability and longest lifetime, even in heavy-duty conditions.

Some superior features of ELKOBLOCK-25S are the shifting feeding grid inside backing concrete feed drawer for high speed feeding, easy height adjustment for feed drawer and fast mold changing enables optimum performance during production and product type change.

ELKOBLOCK-25S single pallet concrete block making machine guarantees the easy, fast and high quality concrete block production due to its flexible user-friendly software.

ELKON which has provided the precast concrete plants and concrete transportation systems for the manufacturing of precast products in many countries all over the world, presents a complete solution to its clients by adding concrete block making machine into its product range.

It is possible to produce 1000’s of different types of concrete blocks. Please contact us for your requirements.

Elkon Benefits & Advantages

Capacity (8hrs production) • up to 950 m2 concrete paver
• up to 12,500 units of Hollow Block (20x40x20)
Cycle Time 20 seconds
Block Height 60-300 mm
Forming Area 1035 x 860 mm
Pallet Size 1200 x 950 mm
Back Concrete Hopper Volume 1500 l
Face Concrete Hopper Volume 1200 l
Operator Cabin Optional
Electrical Components SIEMENS-GERMANY
Automation System Different Options depending on configuration

With BASIC CONFIGURATION, the production pallets with legs are fed into the machine though pallet feeding point. After production process, pallets with wet products on them are taken to the curing area manually via hand lift. This configuration offers the most economic solution to the companies that are thinking about starting a concrete block plant business.

WIth BASIC PLUS CONFIGURATION, pallet with legs come out of the exit conveyor with wet products on them. These pallets can be piled up to 10 levels via elevator and taken into curing area by a forklift. After having them dry, these pallets are fed int the lowerator.

Final products are taken onto the transportation pallets on the transportation conveyor while empty pallets are coming out of the lowerator are fed into the entry conveyor.

All of the process can be controlled easily from the fully automatic control system in the operator’s cabin.

With PLATINUM CONFIGURATION, steel racks are used during the handling process of the produciton pallets. This way, an optimum performance can be obtained during the production, piling, additional processing and packaging. Pallets with wet products are placed onto 10-level steel racks via a special elevator and these racks are taken into curing area by a forklift. After curing process, steel racks are placed in the pallet lowerator. Fully-automatic ELKON packaging robot places the final products onto the transportation pallets and inverted production pallets are fed into the concrete block making machine via conveyor.
Thanks to its user friendly software, the ELKOBLOCK-25S Single Pallet Concrete Making Machine provides a high-quality, quick and easy production.
Control system, power board and hydraulic system are placed in the operator’s cabin.

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We can provide optional configurations to meet your specific concrete needs!

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