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Elkon Canada

Another Airport and Its Surroundings Built by ELKON Concrete Mixing Plant

In the scope of the construction of new airport in New Clark City, ELKON supplied ELKON Mobile Master-135 Jaguar Mobile Concrete Batching Plant. This plant will be used for the construction of six-lanes for vehicular road and lane for bicycles and pedestrians, two bridges and one overpass, drainage and slope protection, and all other appurtenant structures, including electrical works and street landscape.

ELKON Mobile Master-135 JAGUAR mobile concrete batching plant consists of a 4-bin aggregate storage hopper equipped with a pre-feeding system which eliminates requirement of a concrete ramp, 4500/3000 l. ELKON Twinshaft Mixer, 4 units cement silos in total as well as rain covers over aggregate feeding lines.

ELKON Mobile Master Series of concrete batching plants are perfect fit for such projects as they do not require any special foundation for installation and their mobile main unit equipped with axles and tyres can be taken anywhere as the project develops. Considering the future of this project, this concrete plant will be used for the construction of the road to connect the city to the Clark International Airport to promote better accessibility and investment prospects in the city.

With the supply of this plant, ELKON maintains its fame as the top quality supplier of concrete batching plants for such public projects throughout the Phillipines.

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